• SMS Bulletin

      • The SMS has published a monthly edition of "The Bulletin" for over 68 years.  Articles are provided by members of the society, and organizations who have partnered with the Society by providing current education information that is valuable to physicians in their practice of medicine and advances in the medical profession.


 Individuals and organizations interested in becoming a partner with the Shreveport Medical Society and submitting medical related articles for publication contact 675-7656 for additional information. 


  • SMS Membership Directory

    • For over 30 years the SMS has published every two years a pictorial directory of the membership.  In addition to biographic information of members, the Directory also includes information on a wide range of health related organizations and local and national government officials.

                   The Directory is considered a valuable informative resource by physicians, medical staffs, and the public.


                   Funding assistance for publishing the Directory is received through vendors and local businesses who partner with the Society, 

        and realize the value through offering their products and services to physicians.  In accomplishing this business objectives

                   both physicians and public partners are helping to advance the medical profession.

                   For information regarding how to become a sponsor of the Directory or purchasing a copy of the Directory contact the Medical    

                   Society office at 675-7656.


    • Business organizations and professional groups are encouraged to consider the opportunities to market their products and services and the medical related business value they offer to physicians.  This opportunity is provided through the Society's printed publications (Bulletin and Directory), website, and sponsorship of specific membership events held through out the year. 

                   Sponsors and contributors of activities and events will be acknowledged by letter, signage, and participation.

                   Call the Medical Society office at 675-7656 for additional information on available opportunities for support and participation. 




    • Telephone

      • The SMS operates a telephone referral in response to request from the public for a referral to a physician.  The referral service is limited to members of the medical society

    • Website

      • Provides a directory listing of the names, specialty, and phone numbers of members of the medical society who are actively practicing medicine and provides a resource for the public selecting a physician.  This list is updated monthly and excludes some members of the Society such as retired physicians and residents in training.


    • Paging Services

      • SMS members have access to a leased paging service managed by the SMS staff.  Individual pagers with air time are provided to each requesting member for a nominal monthly fee.

    • DocBook MD Services

      • A Free service provided to SMS members through the SMS staff that permits HIPAA compliant communication on Iphones between members of the Society who participate in this service.

    • E-Mail/Fax

      • Communication between members and the staff are provided through email ( and fax number   675-7648.


    • This program offers self-help off-site counseling and coaching services to Active Members who desire to improve their work-life balance and restore joy and happiness in the practice of medicine.

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