Membership dues are set annually by the general membership and along with other revenue sources derived from mission related activities and events provide the necessary funding resources for carrying out the mission and purpose of the association.

     In return for the annual dues investment in the medical society, members receive both tangible and intangible value through multiple sources.  For example, members receive free meals at the four quarterly membership meeting and free CME events; they benefit from patient referral provided by the medical society through telephone and website referral services and free access to a HIPAA compliant digital phone communication system.  They receive a free monthly publication published by the Medical Society that includes medical related socio-economic information and information on continuing medical education opportunities. They receive a membership pictorial directory, which is also available to the public. They have an opportunity to attend the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors to provide input for the agenda items and consideration for current and future policies of the medical society and the state medical society.  They have an opportunity to become a medical society spokesperson for their medical specialty and serve on the society's commissions and committees.

     The society provides a dispute resolution process for complaints against and between physicians and acts on behalf of members on approving transport protocols for emergency transportation carriers for the Shreveport area.

     A self-referral program is available for members seeking counseling and coaching to avoid the symptoms and effects of "burn-out".

     Membership events are held throughout the year that offer members opportunities to interact with their colleagues and discuss medical related subjects and to network with community and business leaders.

     The Medical Society advocates for patients on behalf of physicians.  It provides opportunities for members to receive and provide educational information to government policy makers on matters related to the practice of medicine and delivery of patient care.  Members are provided website links to other healthcare and regulatory organizations for quick access to current information that effects their practice of medicine.

      By investing in the Shreveport Medical Society members are able to participate in an exclusive association of physicians from throughout the area, from all medical specialties, representing a variety of practice environments including independent and employed physicians.  This forum enable members to freely discuss their concerns with other members over issues affecting their practice, patient care, and the medical profession.  No other organization of physicians in this area offers a similar opportunity and process for a coordinated response by area physicians.




  • Provides telephone and website physician referral services, and a leased paging service available to SMS members

  • Provides members free access to DocBookMD, a HIPAA compliant messaging system

  • Publishes monthly edition (68 yrs) of the SMS Bulletin and a bi-annual edition (38 yrs) of the SMS Membership Pictorial Directory

  • Maintains the website

  • Advocates for Physicians and their patients, and serves as an educational resource for informing government and industry leadership on issues related to the medical profession and patient care

  • Schedules quarterly membership dinner meetings with guest speakers and monthly Board of Directors meetings

  • Provides members opportunity to serve on SMS Commissions and/or Committees and as a media spokesperson for their medical specialty

  • Organizes special membership and networking activities such as the Oyster Party, Crawfish Boil, Golf Tournament, Luncheons, Inaugural Banquet, and Civic Projects that promote collegiality among members and the public

  • Schedules Continuing Medical Education sessions for members and provides access to an office staff for support as necessary





  • Operates on behalf of the SMS membership to receive and distribute tax exempt revenues in order to:

    • Contribute to charitable, scientific, public health, literary and educational activities

    • Conduct projects and activities that provide continuing professional education and training to enhance members vitality and resilience for practicing medicine and maintaining a healthy life balance


    • Addresses the national phenomenon of professional burnout.  It is a self-help program to help Active members of the Medical Society and other physicians in the community, who request help in coping with the symptoms of burnout in order to enhance their physician-patient relationship and help restore happiness in the practice of medicine with a healthy work-life balance.

    • The PRP is administered by a peer support group of local physicians who are available to assist members seeking self help through outside counseling and coaching services.


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